2017 Leader in Diversity Award

Regina Miller was recognized at a February luncheon as she was awarded the 2017 Leader in Diversity by the Wichita Business Journal!

By   – Managing Editor, Wichita Business Journal

Regina Miller’s business is early childhood education, so it should be no surprise that she believes diversity begins early in life.

Miller, the owner, founder and director of Princeton Children’s Center, begins with a diverse collection of educators to teach the children in her charge.

The goal is a welcome learning environment driven by teachers who have a wide range of viewpoints and backgrounds, thus starting the children at the center in a diverse learning environment.

“Employing educators of varying ages and backgrounds, including current teachers from Pakistan, England and Mexico, allows for creativity, understanding and variety while still serving the all-emcompassing goal of providing a compassionate and advantageous learning environment,” Miller says.

Miller intends to build a broad and diverse customer base to match the diverse collection of employees who help her run the Princeton Children’s Center.

The result, she says, is a center that appeals to the wide range of backgrounds she sought when she opened the Princeton Children’s Center doors.

“Parents of various religions and backgrounds have sought out Princeton Children’s Center because they know they will be treated with respect,” she says.

That, Miller says, helps build a “climate of acceptance that is positive for both the children and adults …”

That climate extends to parents, with quarterly events held at the school so parents can interact and get to know each other.

Miller is active in the community, serving 15 years on the Butler Community College Advisory Council for Early Childhood Education.

She also is an active board member for the Wichita USD 259 Occupational/ Technical Services.

Miller also is a professional development specialist with the Council for Professional Recognition in Washington, D.C., where she helps teachers obtain certifications.